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Our expert network is diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they passed our rigorous testing among the top 5%.


Senior Software Engineer

Kiev, Ukraine

Alexander is a Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in a wide variety of technologies. He is passionate about Python and his past work at Spotify allowed him to gain a profound skill base in the programming language.


Software Developer

Stockholm, Sweden

Richard is an enthusiastic team player with great communication skills. He is an experienced Software Developer with very high quality standards. His hands-on experience combined with his generalist perspective makes him a great addition to any tech team.


Data Scientist

Copenhagen, Denmark

Christina is a Data Scientist with a PhD in Statistics. She is a fast-learner and has by now accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Due to her many years of experience, she is very proficient with SQL, R, and Python.

How does ExpertLead work?

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How does expertlead work?

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Our contracts allow you full flexibility and you only pay the hours that have been actually worked. During the project, you have full visibility on the progress. 

Python Why and where it is used

Python is a programming language with general-purpose. This means that it has a very wide variety of usage, from building and maintaining scalable systems, e.g. backend web development, to data analysis, machine learning or artificial intelligence. For this reason, having experienced and skilled Python developers on your team is highly important, whether you are planning on tackling complex and unique challenges or simple web programming.

When you look for excellent Python developers, you need to look for the right combination between soft and hard skills. It’s not simply about the tech expertise, but also about the problem solving capabilities and the critical thinking skills. Python has been a constantly evolving environment and it has various libraries and frameworks. A skilled Python developer should be able to cut your costs and time and find effective solutions throughout the development process.

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"We turned to ExpertLead asking for a full-stack developer on a project basis. Within 48 hours we were put in touch with a suitable candidate so that we were able to start the project immediately."

- Aylin Ceylan, Venture Development Manager

"ExpertLead provided us with essential support during our search for a Marketing expert. On our own it would have been impossible to find a comparable Marketing expert for our team so quickly."

- Dominik Richter, Founder HelloFresh

"ExpertLead delivered on their promises: they found an excellent software developer in less than 24 hours. Fantastic job!"

- Alexander Albedj, Managing Partner AA Capital