Frequently Asked Questions

Please, find the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.


How long does it take to find a suitable freelancer?

We send one or more suitable profile proposals within 48 hours - without obligation. How quick the cooperation can start depends primarily on you.

For very specific requests, it may happen that we do not find a suitable freelancer within our network - or that an existing freelancer is not available. In this case, we would be happy to recruit a candidate outside our existing network. This can take one to three weeks as we will have to conclude the complete screening process. This process is necessary for external sourcing of talent in order to meet our high-quality standards.

What special advantages does expertlead offer?

Many of our customers have no tech or IT background - it is very difficult for them to assess the quality of a freelancer. This information asymmetry increases the risk of collaboration because the customer faces a "black box" when deciding on a project.

At expertlead, our selection process ensures that our freelancers are among the top! Therefore, our clients can count on the quality of the service. In addition, our speed distinguishes us. If you send us a request for a freelancer, we will contact you within one hour - between 8 AM and 10 PM on weekdays. You will receive the first freelancer profiles after only 48 hours.

Furthermore, our contracts allow you to withdraw from the contract at the beginning of a new project with just one day's notice. So it does not pose a risk for you to work with expertlead for the first time.

How does expertlead ensure customer satisfaction?

The quality of our work is decisive for the satisfaction of our customers. That is precisely why we attach such great importance to placing only qualitatively tested freelancers with many years of experience. Our team regularly tracks the project status to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied.

Nevertheless, in the rare case in which the cooperation between client and freelancer does not work as planned, we will gladly provide you with an alternative freelancer on request.

In addition, our contracts offer you the opportunity to withdraw at the beginning of the agreement with one day's notice. We are able to offer you such as we are 100% convinced of the quality of our work - project termination is very rare. Once again this shows that you do not take any (cost-) risk when working with us.

Do most freelancers work remotely or on-site?

We believe that nowadays good cooperation no longer necessarily takes place on-site. Therefore, the clear majority of our freelancers always work from home ("remote"). Nevertheless, important meetings can be held on-site - be it the kick-off meeting, regular check-in meetings or the final handover. Please, inform us if this is your wish. In addition, to keep travel expenses low, we focus on finding freelancers in your geographical environment.

Which costs can come up when searching for a freelancer?

All inquiries to expertlead are initially free of charge and non-binding. Based on your project description, we first find the right freelancer for our client’s project from our pool. We will then send you profile proposals with detailed information on the respective freelancer and their hourly rate. If you are convinced by one of these profiles, we can arrange a telephone call between you, the freelancer and us. This discussion serves the mutual presentation and the further project specification. Only then do we make you an offer for project implementation and the cooperation can begin, if you wish.

Testing & Screening

How does expertlead ensure confidentiality and data protection?

expertlead is a German company based in Berlin and is therefore obliged to comply with all German and European data protection regulations. Every freelancer in our network commits to maintain confidential information and to comply with the usual data protection standards. Accordingly, all interviews you conduct with our freelancers before the start of the project are also covered by this strict confidentiality agreement. In the event of cooperation, our strict contractual agreements also apply. In security-relevant industries, we can also arrange for the presentation of current police clearance certificates.

How exactly are the freelancers tested in order to meet the strict quality criteria?

Our selection process considers multiple factors, depending on whether a developer, designer, marketing expert or another freelancer applies to us. During the selection process, we pay attention to technical skills, project experience, references, language skills, and personality. Technical skills can be tested, for example, through standardized tests or project portfolios. In addition, we measure the performance of our freelancers during the projects to ensure that we deliver high quality to our customers continuously and over the long term. At the end of our strict selection process, about 5% of all applicants remain.

Can I find German-speaking freelancers via expertlead?

Yes, that's possible. Just let us know your language preference - we will take this into account in our search. In addition, all of our network's freelancers are fluent in English. We pay attention to this - among other criteria - during our selection process.

Prices & Payment

What are the terms of payment?

Usually, our projects are billed at the end of each month. This is the best way to track the hours actually worked from all sides. At the same time, regular billing helps our freelancers to keep track of different projects. All invoices can be paid conveniently by bank transfer. In rare cases, the customer may be required to make a small down payment before the start of the project, which will then be offset against the following invoices. But this is the exception.

How is remuneration processing carried out?

At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice from us with the exact amount of hours that the freelancer has worked for your project. This invoice is to be paid within 14 days via bank transfer and the bank details will be shared with you in the invoice.

What does a freelancer usually cost at expertlead?

As we offer freelancers from all over Europe and with different levels of experience and specializations, our hourly rates depend considerably on the respective project or freelancer. It is therefore hardly possible to give a meaningful price range at this point. As soon as we send you our profile suggestions after your inquiry, we tell you the current hourly rate, which you would have to pay at the beginning of the project. In this way, we ensure that you have full price transparency with regard to the hourly rate right from the start.