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Full Stack Developer

London, United Kingdom

Jonathan is a full stack developer with over 10 years of professional experience in the industry. He has worked in a multitude of e-Commerce companies and has built back-end applications for the biggest players in the respective market. Jonathan has also been a part of various types of teams, working well in both small and large teams. He is a highly reliable and well-communicating colleague and a valuable asset to any Firm.


Senior Quality Assurance Developer

Zurich, Switzerland

Jonas is a senior Quality Assurance Developer with significant experience in web and mobile testing. He has also worked a total of 10 years on Full Stack development, providing him with a strong combination of development and QA skills. Building QA from scratch and leading QA teams are his expertise.


Senior C++ Developer

New York, United States

Thomas is a communicative C++ Developer with strong applied skills who is dedicated to support projects continuously. Thomas has a strength in improving the whole software development lifecycle with all participants in mind. He has worked for various clients as a freelancer and helped them to develop their software processes.


Senior Full Stack Developer

Berlin, Germany

Dimitar is a Senior Full Stack Developer specialized in C++, Python and Linux. He has many years of experience in various projects based in different stacks of technologies. He is capable of adapting to new architectures quickly and is proficient in developing algorithms and refactoring legacy systems. Dimitar is a very reliable worker attaching great importance to clean coding.


Senior Mobile App Developer

Munich, Germany

Eduardo has extensive experience as a Mobile App Developer for both Android and iOS. In the past he has developed and integrated several mobile application with each other, and did so across different industries. With great passion he is interested in working on complex and cutting-edge projects due to their challenging and innovative nature.


Full Stack Developer

Zurich, Switzerland

Richard is a talented Fullstack Developer with a passion for Ruby development. Over the past decade he has worked with a variety of clients, including Startups and NGOs, on a range of projects. As of late, Richard has also been actively taking on team leading positions and supported clients as an interim CTO.

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How does expertlead work?

We offer you highly specialized and qualified tech experts across a variety of topics.

How does expertlead work?

Upload your request for free on our website. We will call you back within one hour. Within 48 hours we will find the right expert for your project.



Tell us about your project need by submitting your request online. We will call you back within one hour, clarify some more details and start working.



We will send you online CVs of suitable candidates within 48 hours. We will schedule a joint call with the freelancer and send you a time & cost estimate.


Professional Project Delivery

Our contracts allow you full flexibility and you only pay the hours that have been actually worked. During the project, you have full visibility on the progress. 

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Your request is for free. We will call you back within one hour. We will find a suitable expert within 48 hours.

Frontend Developers

Our frontend developers have multiple years of experience with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. They can work from scratch or improve a given code base, using all relevant frameworks and libraries, e.g. Angular, React, Ember, Vue, Polymer and even legacy Backbone.

Backend Developers

Our backend developers set up the backend of your website from scratch, improve its functionality or review the code for bug fixing. Our network covers all relevant backend programming languages, e.g. Java, Kotlin, Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby and Elixir.

Full-stack Developers

Our full-stack developers have many years of experience with both frontend and backend programming languages and frameworks. Therefore, they can provide full, end-to-end solutions to your development needs.

Web Developers

Our web developers are specialized in setting up and improving any website or webshop, including embedding payment solutions. They can also find solutions in order to make your online presence more responsive across browsers and devices.

Mobile/App Developers

Our mobile/app developers have developed numerous apps with large user and download numbers. They can build native apps for iOS and Android (Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin), hybrid solutions or cross-platform apps (Xamarin).

Blockchain Developers

Our Blockchain Developers have deep experience with different distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda. They develop smart contracts using Solidity, Go, Java or Kotlin and have supported on several ICOs.

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Only the top 5% of all applicants are accepted into our talent network. We make sure you receive the quality you need in order to achieve the goals your company has set itself.

Fast Matching

With a 48h matching period you have the freedom to scale your team up or down whenever you need it.

Hassle Free Hiring

We have got you covered when it comes to billing, payments and NDA's, allowing you to concentrate on working with your new team member.

Adapted to your needs

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Choose between a full-time, part-time or hourly engagement, whatever suits your needs.

Personal Service

Benefit from a dedicated expertlead contact person that assists you throughout your projects timeline.

Seamless Integration

We also conduct personal fit testing to ensure your expert will integrate themselves seamlessly into your team.