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Machine Learning Engineers

Our Freelancers design and implement custom machine learning solutions to make your services and products smarter and more efficient.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Leverage AI to develop adaptive, intelligent products and tools.
  • Develop predictive models that quantify and classify events or customers based on your historical data
  • Detect inconsistencies in your data and operations using intelligent machine learning algorithms.
  • Use the newest advances in deep learning and neural networks to detect patterns in disorganised and complex input.
  • Leverage reinforcement learning to build adaptive agents that increase their computational power over time.
Hire Machine Learning Engineers

Data Science Analysts

Our Freelancers help you leverage your data to gain insight into your most challenging problems and come up with data driven solutions to encourage your success.

Possible Use Cases

  • Maximize efficiency and profitability via custom developed optimization algorithms.
  • Introducing personalized customer segmentation models in order to optimize marketing efforts.
  • Improve customer acquisition, retention and engagement with customer lifecycle models.
  • Develop analysis tools programmed in statistical languages such as R, Python, Stan and JAGS.
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to identify challenges as well as opportunities before they occur.
Hire Data Science Analysts

Big Data Engineers

Our Freelancers set up data processing pipelines, distribution systems, and analytics databases to handel, analyze and protect your data.

Possible Use Cases

  • Set up a data warehouse to securely store and analyze your data in one place.
  • Process big data streams using streaming analytics, developed in Spark or Kinesis.
  • Implement serverless data application to handle your data without having to pay for server maintenance.
  • Develop a comprehensive big data strategy to uncover insights into your operations and customers.
  • Keep track of your data on a user friendly analytics dashboard that can be reported across various channels, including email, mobile, or even slack.
Hire Big Data Engineers
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Our contracts allow you full flexibility and you only pay for the hours that have been actually worked. During the project you have full overview on the progress.


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If you are unsatisfied with the quality of work after one week, we will find you a replacement, and cover the costs for the first week.


Fast Matching

We will send you online CVs of suitable candidates within 48 hours. We will schedule a joint call with the freelancer and send you a time & cost estimate.

Our quality screening

Only the top 5% of all our applicants that underwent our rigorous screening and testing process join our elite network.


Personality Interview

We conduct a detailed interview with each candidate. The main criteria are previous project experience, references from former employers and communication skills.

Coding Test

Developers prove their technical competence in a coding test lasting several hours. We develop and update this test together with our tech community - the test is evaluated automatically.


Technical Peer-To-Peer Interview

Finally, each applicant will be interviewed for about 90 minutes in a technical interview. We select a suitable interviewer from our tech community who has comparable experience. The interview contains theoretical questions and a practical part - for developers e.g. live coding.

Continuous Quality Control

We continuously monitor the performance of our tech community. To this end, we track whether project results and milestones are achieved on time and to a high quality. We also regularly collect NPS feedback from customers and tech freelancers.


Get a glimpse at some of our freelance PMs

Our expert network is diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they passed our rigorous testing among the top 5%.


Data Scientist & Marketing Expert

Berlin, Germany

Javier is a Data Scientist and Marketing Manager with a strong focus on exploratory and predictive analysis of qualitative and quantitative data with R. He is an experienced project manager in the field of online marketing – this includes development of strategies, implementation of new marketing channels and the setup of reporting routines.


Senior Data Analyst

Frankfurt, Germany

Max is an experienced Data Analyst with a deep knowledge of various business intelligence related fields. After completing his master's degree in business administration in 2012, Max started the business intelligence sector at a large german company, which he led until 2016. After working for a data science consulting firm, Max decided to start work as a Freelancer.


Senior Data Scientist

Wien, Austria

Amir is a passionate Machine Learning and Big Data engineering expert. He works closely with the management to smoothly translate business requirements into actual data science projects. With a PhD in Computer Science, Amir has a profound theoretical understanding of data analysis tools and is able to leverage his capabilities to solve complex real life problems. He is a great addition to any team and is a pleasure to work with.


Machine learning Specialist

Düsseldorf, Germany

David is a Principal Machine Learning Specialist primarily focusing on deep learning and big data engineering. With more than 10 years of experience in building reliable and high-performing machine learning systems. David actively contributes to different open source-projects and is the founder of the Machine Learning Meetup in Berlin which now has more than 6.500 active members.


Senior Big Data Engineer

München, Germany

Benedikt has been working in the business intelligence sector for over fifteen years. During his professional career, he led multiple projects in the areas of big data, databases, data-lake, datawarehouse systems and ETL technologies. Benedikt is a great addition to any team, a respected leader and an exceptional engineer. Benedikt is passionate about crafting solutions, and loves to introduce cutting-edge technologies to new and legacy projects alike.


Senior Data Scientist

Berlin, Germany

A highly experienced and passionate Data Scientist, Kaspars biggest strength is his ability to develop a thorough understanding of complex data generating processes. His deep knowledge of the statistical foundations of machine learning enables him to deliver impactful solutions to business problems. As an exemplary team leader, Kaspar manages to convey his knowledge to others in a sensitive and natural way, without confining the creativity of his team.

Practice Cases

Here are some use cases of how data science can aid your company

Customer analytics

Gain a deep understanding of your customers, predict their next move, and create personalized experiences in order to gain more business and increase customer retention.

Marketing Analytics

Analyse what marketing channels are proving the most effective, allowing you to target your audience more accurately.

Market Research

Leverage market data to define optimal entry strategy, main competitors, market segmentation and customer loyalty.

Web Analytics

Implement visitor tracking, gain insights from A/B tests, or perform website audits in order to identify issues with data tracking.

Pricing and sales analytics

Leverage Data to optimize your pricing strategy. Introduce dynamic pricing, promotional pricing or value based pricing. Analyse your profitability all to improve performance.

Fraud & Risk

Utilise Big Data to detect, manage and prevent fraud across various industries, allowing you to make smarter decisions and increase overall business performance.

HR Analytics

Optimize your workforce by analysing recruitment, employee retention, attrition and performance, to make sure you are performing at the level you should be.

Retail analytics

Leverage analytics to increase your sales, make better informed business decisions and be able to provide customers with a smoother shopping experience.

Sports analytics

Be it to improve your own physical performance or boost your teams profits, use data for sabermetrics, dynamic ticket pricing or being able to forecast demand.


Make the most of your data insights by viewing them all in a neat and dedicated dashboard. Data does not need to be complicated.

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Our 48h matching period enables your organisation to quickly scale your tech teams, expedite recruitment processes and focus on delivering results.

Precise Fit

We take care of selecting the best of our freelancers that fully satisfy the demands of your projects and are a great personal fit to your organisation and tech department’s culture.

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An expertlead key account manager will assist you throughout your projects’ timelines.

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