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expertlead enables the world’s best tech freelancers to become even better. Our mission is to make freelancing as easy as being full time employed.

Partnership ecosystem

Our Partners aim to make your freelancing life as easy as being full time employed. Explore our growing ecosystem of Partnerships. 


Focus entirely on your work at Mindspace co-working. Each membership includes your own dedicated seat, super fast internet, 24/7 access and more.


Save time and money with the first business bank account for freelancers that calculates your taxes in real time and automates your accounting. One year free for expertlead members. 


Receive your daily mail digitally into your CAYA postbox. Access and organise your post from wherever you are, enabling you to concentrate on your projects. 


Faun enables you to improve your DevOps skills. Faun learning content is focused on making you a better DevOps engineer. Access online courses and join the #1 DevOps community.


Have you accumulated an impressive collection of tech equipment at home? Grover enables you to rent the latest tech. The choice is yours: rent as long as you want, pay monthly, and buy any time.


expertlead's partner in the quest to improve the conditions for tech freelancers in Germany. DBITS represents tech freelancers economic, legal, and social interests.


Retirement savings made flexible. Whether monthly instalments or one-time payments, with Vantik you start saving from 1 €. You invest your money according to the sustainable criteria of the Vantik fund and let it work for you without lifting a finger.

React GraphQL Academy

React GraphQL Academy has Europe's longest running dedicated React, Redux, and GraphQL training. Since 2016, the academy has trained over 1000 developers to become React experts. Their courses are designed to give you a competitive edge allowing you to boost your revenue.

Ardan Labs

Ardan Labs is the destination for everything Golang related. From workshops over consulting to online courses, Ardan Labs offers the highest standard of Golang Know-How. Their workshops and online courses are meticulously compiled by William Kennedy.


Engage with your community by attending one of our events. Establish yourself as a thought leader by presenting your latest research or sharing your best practices. Network with like minded and like skilled tech enthusiasts.

All you need for your Freelancer Backpack

November 7, 2019
18 Uhr
Berlin | Charlottenstrasse 4 | 13. OG

Up Skilling with Tamara: Communication Failures

14 November
6.30pm to 8.00pm
Online Webinar
Coming soon

Der Selbstständigentag

28 November
10.00am to 10.30pm
Spreespeicher | Stralauer Allee 2
Coming soon

Official Pre-Party of React Day Berlin

5 December
6.30pm to 8.00pm
Rocket Tower - Charlottenstrasse 4 - 16 Floor
Coming soon

Fireside Chat: Billie x expertlead

11 December
7.00pm to 10.00pm
Rocket Tower - Charlottenstrasse 4 - 11 Floor
Coming soon

Refer a freelancer and earn 500€

We are expanding our community. If you have a friend or contact that has the same exceptional skill level you do, let us know and earn €500. 

How it works

We would love to hear from freelance software developers, data scientists, PMs, or UI/ UX designers from your personal network.

Invite friends from
your network

Just tell your friends about expertlead and send them your referral code which you’ve gotten when you joined expertlead. Make sure your friend enters the referral code into the application form when applying online.


Our quality

We will get in touch with your friend as soon as we get the application - then, she or he has to go through our selection process (incl. coding test, live coding). Feel free to mentor them as you have already passed our testing.


Onboarding & more
referrals for you

If your friend is admitted to our network, we will onboard her or him just as we onboarded you. For each successfully onboarded friend, you can invite another five - with the chance to earn 500€ with each of them.


First project delivery
& 500€ for you

Once a freelancer that you referred finishes her or his first project successfully*, we will transfer you 500€. There is no limit to the number of freelancers you can be rewarded for - hence, frequent referrals will really pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my referral code – what can I do?

If you are a member of the expertlead network and cannot find your personal referral code anymore, kindly contact freelancers@expertlead.de and we will help you out. If you are no member of the network yet, please apply through our online form as only expertlead members can refer new potential members to us.

How many friends can I invite?

When you join the expertlead community, you can invite up to five of your friends to join expertlead. For each of your friends that makes it into the network, you will be granted five more invites - there is no limit to this process. Hence, your first successful referral means you can invite ten instead of five friends from your network - each of them with the opportunity to earn 500€ (once the freelancer successfully finishes her or his first project via expertlead - see Step 4 of "How it Works" on this page).

I shared my code but where do we enter it?

Just tell your friends about expertlead, send them your referral code and make sure she or he enters the referral code into the application form when applying online. Once she or he enters the code into the application form, the referral will be automatically tracked back to you.

Refer a project and earn up to 5,000€

Now you can earn money even with the projects you may have to turn down, that are offered to you outside of expertlead. If you are busy and still get project requests - let us know and the expertlead network will take over.

And don’t worry about the quality of the delivery - we test all our network members and only accept five out of 100 applicants to our network.

How it works


Connect us to the project

When you realize you have to turn down a project request, let us know before you do so. Just get in touch with us via our chat, email or phone to let us know the project specifics and client counterpart.


We evaluate your project

We will reach out to the client counterpart as soon as possible and evaluate the project together. We want to understand the project in detail and be sure that it is a project we can deliver on at high quality - and that the content is interesting for our network.


The network delivers and you get up to 5,000€

Once the project you introduced to us is successfully delivered* by one of our freelancers, we will transfer you 5%** internal net revenue. For instance, if our internal net revenue is 5,000€, we will transfer you 250€.

Your part in growing the expertlead community

The existing community is in charge of whether a tech freelancer is accepted into the community. Using coding tests and technical interviews, the community checks the qualifications of applicants. As a member of the expertlead freelancer community you can become part of the team that conducts these interviews.

How to become an expertlead Interviewer:

  • Sign up as an interviewer
  • Get on a call to learn more about this opportunity
  • Get on-boarded as an interviewer  in a two step process, shadow a session of one of our tech experts, lead a session and be shadowed by one of our experts
  • Discuss feedback and share your availability to hold interviews autonomously
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