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Our tech freelancers' profile, experience and skill set are very diverse but they all have one thing in common: everyone in our network is part of the 5% of our applicants that have passed our rigorous interview and technical skills testing process.


Full-stack Developer

Berlin, Germany

Katharina is a Full-stack Developer, currently living in Berlin. In 2008, she acquired her Masters degree in Informatics and started her career at Thoughtworks. She worked there for six years and in 2014 she started working as a freelancer, focusing on her passion: C++.


Software Engineer and Architect

London, UK

Benedict is a Software Engineer and Architect with a strong background in C++ programming. With deep experience in software development at large enterprises, he is a great team-worker that combines extensive C++ expertise with excellent soft skills.


Senior Software Developer

Hamburg, Germany

Steffen is a Senior Software Developer focused on C++ - he has more than 20 years of experience in writing code. He started his career working for large German corporates, but in recent years he has been mainly working as a freelancer.

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Professional Project Execution

Our contracts allow you full flexibility and you only pay for the hours that have been actually worked. During the project you have full overview on the progress.


Risk Free Trial

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of work after one week, we will find you a replacement, and cover the costs for the first week.


Fast Matching

We will send you online CVs of suitable candidates within 48 hours. We will schedule a joint call with the freelancer and send you a time & cost estimate.

Our quality screening

Only the best 5% of all the applicants that underwent our rigorous screening and testing process join our elite network.


Experience and Personality Screening

We screen each freelancer, conducting a thorough 1:1 interview focusing on their skillset, experience, former employers, references, preferred tech stacks and working environment and communication skills.

Technical Skill Review

Candidates showcase their technical abilities by completing specialised coding assessments which are reviewed by our expert coders.


Live Coding

The candidates are paired with one of our expert coders and work together to build and solve real-life development cases confirming their communication and teamwork skills as well as their ability to work independently and deliver high quality output and solutions.

Continued Quality Control

We continuously track the performance of our freelancers, reviewing client and peer feedback and focusing on providing them with on-going learning and development opportunities.


C++ – Why and where it is used

C++ is a general-purpose programming language and one of the most difficult ones to master due to its overall complexity. It is - among other application areas - used for system and application software, game engines and client-server and embedded applications. In order to leverage all the advantages and opportunities C++ comes with, a developer will need to have spent a significant number of months and years working with C++.

The reason C++ is comparatively hard to master is the enormous set of features if offers and the lack of external tooling compared to other languages. Proper knowledge of the specific peculiarities of the language and its background C is highly necessary. Real-life examples of how the developer solved complex and unknown problems will help you determine the type of experience that she or he has gathered over time.

Summarising, to really identify a great C++ developer or a C# programmer, it’s needed to go from the simplest questions like: “Describe in your own words what a pointer is”, to case studies and real life past examples to see how the developer thinks and solves problems.

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We enable your project's success: start your project now, work with true experts, and reach out to us any time.

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We only accept the top 5% of all our applicants into our elite talent network, giving you access to the talent you need to enhance your tech teams and achieve key tech roadmap milestones.

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Our 48h matching period enables your organisation to quickly scale your tech teams, expedite recruitment processes and focus on delivering results.

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We take care of selecting the best of our freelancers that fully satisfy the demands of your projects and are a great personal fit to your organisation and tech department’s culture.

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An expertlead key account manager will assist you throughout your projects’ timelines.

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