Earn money by letting someone else do the work

Refer a project and earn up to 5,000€

Now you can earn money even with the projects you have to turn down. If you are busy and still get project requests - let us know and the expertlead network will take over.

And don't worry about the quality of the delivery - we test all our network members and only accept five out of 100 applicants to our network.

Start making money

Refer a Project

How it Works


Connect us to the project

When you realize you have to turn down a project request, let us know before you do so. Just get in touch with us via our chat, email or phone to let us know the project specifics and client counterpart.


We evaluate your project

We will reach out to the client counterpart asap and evaluate the project together. We want to understand the project in detail and be sure that it is a project we can deliver on at high quality - and that the content is interesting for our network.


The network delivers and you get up to 5,000€

Once the project you introduced to us is successfully delivered* by one of our freelancers, we will transfer you 5%** internal net revenue. For instance, if our internal net revenue is 5,000€, we will transfer you 250€.

*A successfully delivered project is defined as a project that has been paid in full by the respective client.
**Reward of 5% is capped at a maximum payout of 5,000€ for a project referral.

for referral
5 %
for referral