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Our Blockchain experts can help you with general ICO support, smart contract development and consulting on the opportunities and threats imposed by Blockchain.
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Blockchain Developers

Our Blockchain developers have deep experience with different distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda. They develop smart contracts using Solidity, Go, Java or Kotlin and have supported on several ICOs.

Blockchain Consultants

Our Blockchain consultants have deep experience with a variety of application areas of the blockchain technology. They can explain the Blockchain, they can code and they can identify both opportunities and threats for your business arising from distributed ledger technologies.

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We offer you highly specialized and qualified tech experts across a variety of topics.

How does expertlead work?

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Our expert network is diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they passed our rigorous testing among to the top 5%.


Blockchain Developer

Kiev, Ukraine

Pieter is an expert when it comes to algorithm programming. He is specialized in designing microservices and Blockchain applications for both App and Web applications.Pieter is an expert when it comes to algorithm programming. He is specialized in designing microservices and Blockchain applications for both App and Web applications.


Machine Learning

Brussels, Belgium

Marvin is a Blockchain expert with extensive programming experience in Solidity and Python. He has been developing and auditing substantial smart contracts, DApps and automated scripts.


Blockchain Consultant

Berlin, Germany

Marc is a consultant focused on Blockchain-centralized applications and AI-powered analytical systems. He is an asset for strategic projects and familiar with current trends around the Blockchain.

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