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We provide very experienced project/product managers and product owners that manage entire projects and teams, delivering large tech projects successfully.
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Our PMs take care of quality assurance and efficient resource management on projects with many stakeholders and developers. They are experts in agile methods (Scrum, Scrumban), Kanban, and both lean and technical management.

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Our Product Managers and Product Owners have deep product expertise and help you make the right decisions on the most mission-critical product decisions, based on product vision, end-to-end user stories, product roadmaps and much more.

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How does expertlead work?

We offer you highly specialized and qualified tech experts across a variety of topics.

How does expertlead work?

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Our contracts allow you full flexibility and you only pay the hours that have been actually worked. During the project, you have full visibility on the progress. 

Get a glimpse at some of our freelance PMs and product managers/ owners

Our expert network is diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they passed our rigorous testing among the top 5%.


Agile Project Manager

Munich, Germany

Cristina has extensive experience as a project manager, managing mostly  teams of freelancers spread all over the world. She has achieved a great track record in project management, coordinating small to complex projects for corporates, startups, and SMBs.


Senior Product Manager

Berlin, Germany

Jasmine is a product management expert who has focused her work mainly around mobile products. She has lead the product development of mobile applications for several start-and scale-ups, leveraging both her technical and management expertise.


Product Owner

Stuttgart, Germany

Julian has a very technical background, having studied Computer Science. He gained several years of development experience and became more and more product-oriented over time. He has worked for several startups before starting his freelance career in 2012.

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