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expertlead gets you challenging projects from the best of clients. If you are a small team of skilled developers working in software development, mobile development and/or data science, please apply now!
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Our quality screening process


Experience and Personality Screening

We screen each developer, conducting a thorough 1:1 interview focusing on their skillset, experience, former employers, references, preferred tech stacks and working environment and communication skills.

Technical Skill Review

Candidates showcase their technical abilities by completing specialised coding assessments which are reviewed by our expert coders.


Live Coding

The candidates are paired with one of our expert coders and work together to build and solve real-life development cases confirming their communication and teamwork skills as well as their ability to work independently and deliver high quality output and solutions.

Continued Quality Control

We continuously track the performance of the developers in our network, reviewing client and peer feedback and focusing on providing them with on-going learning and development opportunities.